Cringleford Historical Society (CHS) was founded in 1981 and exists to promote the study of the history, architecture and development of the village of Cringleford in Norfolk as well as exploring regional historical developments. It encourages and supports members of the Society in their researches and in publishing their findings where possible. The Society also records and collects photographs, drawings, maps and plans, together with writing related to the village.

We hold six monthly meetings between February and November with a range of speakers, usually attracting between 60 and 70 people and we enjoy a chat over tea and coffee afterwards. Everyone is welcome to attend. Our first meeting of 2024 takes place on February 21st in the Church Hall with the AGM at 7.15 followed by the talk at 7.30 pm,

There will be a £20 per person membership fee to cover the 2024 year. Visitors for specific talks will pay £5 per talk. Payment for membership can be made either by cheque or online payment but cash payments are NOT accepted apart from visitor attendance.

We have two walks in Summer 2024. The first is on Wednesday May 15th and is a return visit to Norwich’s Hidden Street in ‘The Shoebox’ on Castle Meadow at 2.45. This visit was popular and so we have a return visit this May, cost £15. Please return the form given out on April 17th 2024.

The second visit is to ‘The Cathedral Quarter’ and is a visit led by Annie Ogden. The cost is £5 and we meet outside Samson and Hercules in Tombland at 6.15 on Wednesday June 19th at 6.15. Again please return the form given out on April 17th 2024.

Please note that as these visits are popular priority will be given to Members. Non-members should mark their form with a large V and if there is room on the walks a place will be given.

We also keep a page active for reporting on activities by Society members.

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