Talks in 2018/2019

September 19th 2018
      Roger Bellinger, himself a member of the Society, gave a well received talk on the early history of Cringleford showing how remains from the pre-historic period were discovered along where Intwood Road now runs. His talk covered the Saxon period and on to the medieval period. There was much to say about the Tudor period and the upheavals of the time. 

October 17th 2018           Cathy Terry gave a talk on the Norwich Strangers showing their history is complex and goes back many years. Comparisons with events today over responses to migrants were telling. The strangers were contributors to the local economy and were well integrated into city life. Her talk covered some of the pictures and textiles available for study today.

November 21st 2018        Peter Kent tackled the gates of Norfolk and Norwich and showed how fascinating the subject was. He went through the different types of gates and used his own illustrations attached to existing pictures of gates in ways that amused everyone. Peter has a background as illustrator so his material was well used. He took his audience through the different styles of gate and described their uses and how they were integral to the history of town and county.

January 16th 2019             Frances and Michael Holmes tackled Norwich in the 1950s, an era of austerity but also a time of great change after the war. Frances and Michael are well known to CHS and their polished presentation which accompanies a book available in Jarrolds Bookshop brought out changes in work, leisure and fashion. The speakers brought humour and built on the personal memories and experiences of the audience.

February 20th 2019

Talks in 2017/2018

September 20th 2017:  John Balls talked about five people from Norfolk who survived the Titanic disaster. They came from different walks of life as outlined in an EDP review of the anniversary of the sinking. John's work for the Norfolk Titanic Association has been well received and his  book is available for purchase.

October 18th 2017:  Natasha Hutcheson gave a talk on the 'Iron Age in Norfolk, gold and Boudicca'. Anyone interested in this period is recommenced to explore the East Anglian Archaeology site as a starting point.  Natasha showed through pictures and reconstructions how homes in Iron Age Norfolk looked. She brought out the range of trade across what is now the European mainland and the tribes here in 'Britain'. She also covered some of the debates over the role of Boudica in Norfolk. Natasha recommended two books for follow up: John Davies's book The Land of Boudica: Prehistoric and Roman Norfolk published in 2009 by Oxbow Press and Paul Sealey's book published in 2004 The Boudican Revolt Against Rome. The Oxbow site gives details of content for both books.

November 15th 2017: Anne May gave a talk on the Burston School Strike. This was the longest strike in education to date and Anne brought out the roles of the people involved and captured the experiences of working class life in Norfolk from the late nineteenth century through the strike period. Burston School Museum acts as a vivid reminder of the event. This is a site dedicated to the strike and gives many of the relevant details. The Labour Movement commemorates the strike every year and here are the details of its 2017 rally.

January 17th 2018: Adrian O'Dell spoke  on the history of Dragon Hall. He outlined the long history of the Hall and how its past was largely unknown until comparatively  recently. His illustrations of paintings and designs. The Hall was under the auspices of Norfolk and Norwich Heritage Trust until 2015 when it became the Writers' Centre. This transition preserved the Hall and gave it a focus for the work of Norwich as a UNESCO literary centre. Tours of the Hall would become available later in the year.

February 14th 2018: Rod Spokes, well known as a blue badge guide and tour leader for the Society, gave a talk on Colmans, a company he had worked for. Rod outlined the importance of the Colman family for Norwich and for so many aspects of life in the city. In response to questions he outlined Unilever's likely reasons for leaving the site

March 14th 2018: Charlotte Crawley made a return visit to the Society and gave a talk on the civic portraits with details of the leaders, their families and the position of Norwich. Books she referred to include 


By Andrew Moore and Charlotte Crawley.  Published HMSO. out of print but 2nd hand copies do appear. It has several interesting essays on the Civic Portraits plus b/w photos of all of them.



Published by The Public Catalogue Foundation. In print. This has colour photos of all the Civic Portraits and one short overview essay on them pp. 231-248.


Archaeopress is an independent publisher from Oxford and we would like to bring to your attention our forthcoming title ‘A Life in Norfolk's Archaeology: 1950-2016 - Archaeology in an arable landscape’ by Peter Wade-Martins (information sheet attached).

This initial hardback edition, part of our Archaeological Lives series, is limited to 100 copies (future reprints will be in paperback) and designed with the local community in mind. It is very important to us that we get this book stocked locally, so we are offering bookshops better terms than usual—40% trade discount rather than the standard 35%. 

If you would like to discuss this, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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